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An Introduction

Varun Polymers GmbH is a pioneer and inventor in rubber recycling and serving rubber industry since from 2007 in various products and services. We are manufacturer of premium quality Rubber De-Vulcanization Chemicals & Reclaiming Agents such as: AmR-NHRDe076, AmR-NHRMo054, DTDS, DXDS, TMBDS, DPTMS, Rectifier - 500, HT 500 or High Tensile 500. Our Chemicals and know how gives outstanding results in terms of tensile, elongation and modulus and is been chosen by numerous Reclaim Rubber Manufacturing units globally. In routine, we test our samples in our lab for the quality standards. We provide rubber consultancy services for the setup of rubber recycling plant of any capacity and of any rubber product. Our expertise is in natural rubber, butyl rubber, EPDM, synthetic rubber reclaimation, reclaim rubber and rubber recycling/reclaimation plant set up end-to-end including Infrastructure, Technology, Education, Promotion of Product in the Market, After Sales Assistance and Timely Synchronization of the whole setup.

We here at, Varun Polymers Group work for the quality of our product and satisfaction of the customer and been doing it successfully for more than 20 years. We have this pledge to make future brighter and beautiful as ever for the generation to come.

Our Team

Mr. Hubert Kernbichler

Managing Director
Owner, Inventor & Technical Engineer


Mr. Kernbichler has over 20 years’ experience in chemical and power plant design & turnkey erection and inventor of several tire recycling solutions. He invented a new version of catalyst production menthod which has been tested in several applications of chemical industry. The catalyst know-how has been tested and implemented in severals chemical additive processing lines and applications for the polymer industry (PE/PP/LDPE/HDPE, SBR-NR Rubber, etc).

Mr. Hubert Kernbichler is also the Managing Director of LINK Anlagenbau GmbH based in Austria, where well skilled engineers are focused on electrical plant design, project management and development of recycling systems for worldwide export markets. Many years of proven LINK recycling technology and many executed projects gave the company a very good reputation.



Mr. B.S. Nohar

Managing Director
Owner, Inventor & Head of R&D

Mr. B.S. Nohar is the founder, managing director and leading technologist behind Varun Polymers - India. He is among the world’s most reputable names in the rubber reclaim industry. He is an internationally renowned industrial chemist, consultant and innovator who has pioneered cutting edge technologies. As an established consultant for the reclaim rubber industry, Mr. Nohar has helped the world become greener place by helping entrepreneurs build numerous rubber reclaim plants across the globe. Mr. Nohar’s comprehensive experience in tyre, tube and rubber reclaiming has brought about vastly improved manufacturing processes of rubber moulded goods such as; V-belts, Butyl Rubber, EPDM, White (Latex) Rubber and Natural Rubber.



Mr. Ravinder Saroha

Managing Director
Owner, Head of IT & Public relations


Mr. Saroha is Managing Director of Varun Polymers GmbH and his role is pivotal in handling communications between partners whilst providing all the technical /non-technical inputs for the project development. Ravinder has a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the field of information technology and programming of automation systems and visualization tools. During the past years, Ravinder has been instrumental in promoting the business in emerging rubber recycling markets. He is our key accountant for the rubber compount market in Asia and lead the organization of QM process.


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